Is Hillary so dishonest?

Mom was the nurturer, greeting us when we came home from school, preparing our meals. Dad was the boss, the enforcer of rules, often with the palm of his hand. This clarity of roles gave us a sense of security.

Nowadays Mom goes to work and Dad has relinquished much of his authority. The old order has shifted in other ways. If we’re white or heterosexual we’ve lost assurance of our superiority. Black and white intermarry; homosexuals marry. On the global stage the clear issues of the Cold War have vanished, replaced with a militant Muslim enemy that strikes unexpectedly. Our lifestyle of big cars and unlimited use of electricity is affecting Earth’s climate, a science beyond our comprehension.

We older folks yearn for Mom and Dad—as they once were. Enter Donald Trump, the authority figure who’ll return our country to how it used to be.

But Hillary—she doesn’t behave the way a mother’s supposed to. She’s not a national nurturer but a trained lawyer who as a senator voted on complex issues; who as Secretary of State negotiated with leaders of other countries. She’s been hardened by battle.

Anyone who’s seen TV commercials, even if they’re muted, recognizes the little green creature advertising Geiko and associates the Statue of Liberty with Liberty Mutual. The purpose of repetition in advertising is to keep a product in the viewer’s mind, to repeat an idea so often that it’s finally accepted as truth

So it has been with Hillary’s reputation. Since 2008 Republicans have anticipated her candidacy in this election and committed themselves to eroding the perception of her character. They exploited the Benghazi attack, sponsoring multiple investigations and repeating the message that she couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth. They exploited her using a private email server, though other government officials have done the same. All the while the press allowed itself to be manipulated into continuously analyzing opinions about her integrity—until her dishonesty was taken as fact.

I’m not suggesting Clinton is beyond reproach. Her experience is so broad there’s something in her voting record or foreign policy actions to offend anyone. I am convinced, though, that public perceptions of her dishonesty are the result of a non-stop propaganda campaign.

Our job as voters in this election isn’t to choose the most nurturing mother or the most intimidating father. It’s to select an individual who understands and supports the Constitution, who appreciates the complex web of international relationships, whose knowledge is respected worldwide.

A person who firmly believes in “liberty and justice for all.”

3 thoughts on “Is Hillary so dishonest?

  1. Hillary reminds me of LBJ. She is a wheeler dealer. She is something of a pragmatist, at least she is willing to be seen to support any position that enhances her changes of election. She is a political animal. And she is not honest about this. I do not like her precisely because I think she is perfectly willing to compromise on issues I do not think we should allow compromise. Perhaps, if she becomes president, we will experience some good things. LBJ gave us the voting rights act and the civil rights act, while he was vigorously perusing some kind of victory in Vietnam. HL Mencken said “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Trump is the ultimate expression of that ethic. Hillary is a kinder, gentler surrender. Go Bernie.

    • Well stated. I agree, she’s a political animal. It’s hard for me to know what to think about compromise. Ted Cruz and other Tea Party people believed their stance on issues shouldn’t be compromised, and look where it got us. I can’t help but wonder whether the Affordable Care Act might have been better had Republicans chosen to participate in its crafting–if both parties had compromised. One thing I think Democrats better than Republicans understand is that most issues are complex.

      Yet, like you, I believe there are some stances that are either right or wrong.

      Thanks for being part of the conversation.

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