Questions for your book group (Out of the Pumpkin Shell)

The following questions relate to Out of the Pumpkin Shell.

1. What does it mean to be a loyal friend?

How are characters in the story loyal/disloyal to their close friends?


2. Why are some mother-daughter relationships close while others are characterized more by coolness, even hostility?

Maybe this is more a question of how can we let go of anger over not being adequately loved and protected? Perhaps the question is even more basic: Should we let go of anger or resentment?


3. How do we adjust to getting older?

Surely we have to relinquish some former identity-defining elements of ourselves. How do we let go of parts that no longer fit? And how do we find creative ways to become? Where do we find models and support for changing?


7. How has the Church perpetuated violence within the home?


8. How does Ernest use the Church’s teachings to abuse Rose?


9. Should Hat have done more to save her marriage?


10. If so, what? To what extent did she put her energies into her friendship with Elise at the expense of her marriage?


11. Is the emotional abuse described in the book believable?


12. In what ways is it or is it not?

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