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Elizabeth’s daughter, Angelica, has joined a cadre of eco-terrorists, and Mary (yes, the holy one, but not a virgin) has abruptly ended her “Operation: Earth Rescue” visitations at Elizabeth’s North Carolina farm. Now Elizabeth must discover her own calling, a passion worth risking her life for. It’s a journey into her own heart, and the adventure she embarks on is as unpredictable to her as it will be to the reader.



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Their forty-two-year marriage would span key historical periods of the 20thcentury and eventually take the couple from Indiana to Mexico City. There, for the first time, Daniel could work in the profession he’d been educated for. Freed from U.S. racism, he felt “as Mexican as chile verde.” Meanwhile, Anna, a reserved blond woman who struggled with speaking Spanish, experienced no similar sense of liberation.

Before It Was Legalis not a happily-ever-after story, but an honest portrayal of the love and hurt that any two people, not just a bi-racial couple, may encounter in an intimate relationship. It is the story of an independent white woman, a talented black man, and the times in which these two remarkable people lived.




In Hebrew Scripture men get most of the exciting roles: leader, prophet, war hero. In this collection of short stories, I’ve imagined biblical men as women. A female Samson tells of the elders trying to take away her power. Nochat (Noah), who is trying to raise God-honoring children in violent times, rebukes God for destroying creation. Readers will find inspiration in a creative approach to scripture that incorporates women’s wisdom, suffering, and courage.

Hat and Elise journey to the Indiana town where Elise’s mother grew up. For both of them the journey becomes a pilgrimage into the past lives of women, into truth, into sisterhood, and most of all into new possibility.

A laugh-cry novel about women’s friendship and family secrets.