About me

My life would be simpler if I didn’t care—

If I gave little thought to national issues such as elections, equal opportunities for all within our justice system, the disintegration of our environment, women’s reproductive rights.

My life would be simpler if I didn’t care about relationships—if I gave little thought to the man I married when I was twenty-one, my adult children, my grandchildren, to the well-being of friends.

But I do pay attention. I do think about issues and people. And I respond to my thoughts and concerns through writing.Nancy 2014

Though born in Indiana, I grew up in Orlando, Florida, when it was still a sleepy little southern town. For more than twenty years my husband and I lived in the Chicago area. In 2008, to be closer to our children and grandchildren, we returned to the South, to North Carolina. So I’m either a Midwesterner who’s been influenced by my southern upbringing or a Southerner influenced by midwestern ways.

Friends think of me as having a positive outlook, but I can quickly create a list of negatives—things I DON”T do. I don’t cook. I don’t have a pet, nor do I want one. I don’t serve on committees. I haven’t adjusted well to technology (not even to the telephone).

I DO like sunshine and feel nostalgic for the days when we assumed it was safe to bake on a beach towel. I like time to myself. I like books. I travel every chance I get, and if I anticipate staying home for a while, I take trips vicariously by watching Rick Steves on PBS. I’ve had the opportunity to visit Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. In 2005 and 2008 my husband was invited to teach a semester in Seoul, ROK. We both came to love Korea and its people, who taught us much about hospitality.

Finally, I treasure time spent with my husband, Jim, our children, and grandchildren.

Recent Posts

A message for graduates 

No one’s asked me to speak at graduation, but I’ve prepared a message for seniors anyway. 

Theme: Values you’ve been taught in school—forget them. 

1)     Play fair. In sports and group projects you’ve been taught to work cooperatively, follow the rules, and lose gracefully. Forget it. Look out for Number One, remake the rules to guarantee your success, and never admit defeat. 

2)     Always tell the truth. Forget it. Presenting supporting evidence and documenting sources apply only to student research papers. Adults know that the truth is whatever they want it to be. 

3)     Don’t resort to name calling. Forget it. Go with “socialist elitists,” “Pocahontas,” “Sleepy Joe.” Name calling is a very effective way to create negative associations that stick. 

4)   Respect and uphold the Constitution. Forget it. Hug the flag and interpret the Constitution to suit your purposes. 

5)   Value the scientific method, which includes knowing the difference between theories and hypotheses. Forget it. If you benefit, declare that human behavior has nothing to do with global warming.

6)    Understand and value our nation’s history. Forget it—especially if you’re white and have children. You don’t want them feeling guilty about injustices of the past. 

7)  Respect those from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. Forget it. Close the borders. Real Americans (i.e., white) should be winning our national spelling bees, representing us at the Olympics, and be the ones honored for their scientific and technological contributions. 

8)    Share what you have. Forget it. What’s yours is yours. Accumulate all you can.

Graduates, in case you haven’t noticed, the education you’ve received has little relationship to the culture you’re stepping out into. You can, of course, adjust to the real world. Or you can envision a better way, put what you’ve learned in school into practice, and work for change.

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